Today’s world of advertising and promotional marketing is permeated with the myth that what you do is more important than why you do it. Not wanting to miss a market, websites have become lists claiming to do anything and everything. We could do the same & for the most part, we wouldn’t be lying. But hell, computers & the internet make that possible for anyone.

So, why is Touch any different? Why would you come to us? Because our motivations are knowledge, experience, growth, and not profit. We wake up every morning, pour our coffee and look for ways to be excellent. We look at every business as a puzzle to solve. We are the experimenters with crayons & sharpies who want to find what works best rather than just finding what works. We are the creatives who see an adventure in every one of your needs. We are the guys that think this business is just a whole lot of fun.




In order to find the solution, one must first discover the problem. We start by interviewing you on your greatest needs and desires, followed up by researching your industry and competition so that we understand the lay of the land.


With a mountain of information in hand, we translate everything into bite-sized pieces and form a strong point of view. We will break new ground and take the road less traveled making you stand out from the minions.


Colors, shapes & fonts. Textures, finishes & magic potions; just the tip of the iceberg when we are designing your solution. There will be blood, sweat and tears, but in the end we always come out on top with a masterpiece.


Now that all of the design & strategy is done it’s time to build your castle (or print your t-shirt). We print, paint, program, stitch, push pixels and sculpt until everything comes out just as we’ve designed it. On time and on budget.


We won’t leave you behind to raise your new baby all on your own. We are there every step of the way, until death do us part.