The best way to solve a puzzle is not through repetitious action but can be found rather in the process of turning things over until you see them as you never have before. Communicating your company’s identity is a puzzle. At Touch, we approach each project with the excitement and inspiration of a child with a new box of Legos. We work with people who are driven by challenges. We bring together teams with unique and differing perspectives, creating original & innovative spaces for each project.

Knowledge and experience are also vital. At Touch, we view them as tools rather than the rigid systems that insist what worked before will work every time. Stellar ideas come from the desire to achieve something new and for us, understanding your needs is always fresh and galvanizing.


Is your company logo representing everything that you want to say about your company? What about your social media pages?   At Touch we know how important first impressions truly are. With business you rarely get an opportunity for a second chance. We will work with you to design branding that will standout like a genuine smile on a salesman’s face.


Just as your business system represents you, marketing materials make your introductions. It’s important to have flyers, data sheets, booklets and the like that inform while inspiring curiosity; collateral that begins the conversation..


Beautifully created images created by talented artists. Whether is be for website, article, print or other flourishes our illustration services will give your company the personal touch and the interest that only originality can draw in.


Measure your foot, check you blood pressure, watch thing product video, test this new pen…we are all used to these product display. Which ones work? Which are worth the money? We know how to create an experience that people will love.


How you see a product can determine the destiny of that product. We offer everything from illustration to 3D modeling all the way through to motion graphics. We are here to animate you dreams.


If you know how important tradeshows are, then you know how important the impression that you make is. Don’t waste money going to a tradeshow by being mundane, be the best of show.


As part of branding, putting together a professional looking business system goes a long way toward representing the image of your company. With beautifully designed business cards, letterhead and stationary, you can ensure that everything going out represents the best that you are capable of.


Communication is everything and in a world or reblogs and retweets, original content is king. What you say and the words you use can make or break any relationship. An honest, clear & genuine bit of writing tells the world who you are. Show the world that you care enough to provide something of value.


I still remember the packaging from the first iPhone I bought. Everything about it re-enforced the belief that I had made the right purchase. All packaging should achieve the same, and that’s what we aim to design for you.


This is a visual world. We buy first with our eyes & professional photography means looking your best. Whether you need staff photos, product photos or even photos of your business, we are here to help you show the world that you care enough to look good.


Signs, signs, everywhere the signs. With signs in stores, at tradeshows, on buildings, we see hundreds of signs a day. We can help you design a sign that stands out.


Video is hot. Video is action. From making a professional product spot to imaginative, viral videos for the internet, we bring the production quality that will make your videos viewed over and over again.


Don’t settle for mediocre design. Don’t cut corners. Your website is your home. Make it the best that it can be. Your website is the place you will first meet and interact with the majority of your future customers. We all rely more and more upon the web for information. Even hungry people Google restaurants before deciding to dine. You want your website to be type of place that makes people say, “Yes!”