We all get caught up in jargon like “branding” and “visibility”. But, what are we really talking about? What do we really want? We want people to remember us. We want a small space in all the those busy minds. At Touch, we understand the simplicity of that goal and because of that we have designed promotional programs that will enhance your stickiness factor. Because, it’s more that just stamping your name on a pencil. It’s about discovering which product is right for your clientele. It’s about offering a wide range of products so that you are able to pick the perfect one. It’s about a little something physical taking a place in someone’s life and your name going with it. It’s about association. That’s visibility.


You can be the company that slaps a logo on a grey t-shirt or you can be the company that designs a shirt that people would pay money for. One shirt is for laundry day and house painting, the other is for wearing out in public. Which do you want to be?


Like apparel, there are two kinds of desk accessories: the ones that people hide in the bottom of the filing cabinet and the ones that they put on their desk. Come out of the dark and into the light.


Don’t think of it as a giveaway, think of it as a takeaway. What are people gonna take away from meeting you and your company. Dare to be memorable.


Just like executives, a company needs employees. And just like executive, employees want to feel valued. By offering exciting incentives programs with truly valuable recognition, you are offering true gratitude. In return you will receive true loyalty.


If you know how important trade shows are, then you know how important the impression that you make is. Don’t waste money going to a trade show by being mundane, be the best of show.


Got a product idea. Have a specific vision, but aren’t sure what the steps after imagination are? Let us guide you from inspired thought to physical reality.


Everything you do is a message to the world. Eco-friendly products will show your customers that you are environmentally conscious and that you are thinking about your effects upon the world.


Candy with your logo on it. Pretty cool. Who doesn’t love candy? Edible gifts are the fast track to somebody’s heart and what doesn’t want to be loved?


Your executives make your business possible. They execute your desires. Giving them a plastic desk clock with the company logo on it only tells them to get another job. Our executive gifts are high end products that will show your genuine appreciation.


Tech gifts are the best gifts. We all love gadgets but in a world of gadget lovers, you need to know what’s hot, what’s new and what’s gonna get people excited.